Monday, May 3, 2010

New Informational Videos on Surrogacy in India

I have created my first 7 videos regarding surrogacy in India. They are free to view on YouTube. I will be hosting more videos, so it will be great if you subscribed to my channel.

Karma of Baby's YouTube Channel Link

The following topic titles are now available:

"Why Choose Surrogacy in India?"
This video discusses the pros of choosing to go to India and make the most important decision in your life.

"What Needs to Be Done Before Arriving to India"
This video explains what you need to do before arrival in India.

"The IVF Process in India: From Arrival to Departure"
This video runs through the entire IVF process and when to arrive and depart India.

"Different Ways to Your Goal: Using an Egg Donor"
This video explains how you would select an egg donor for your IVF and surrogacy journey.

"Different Ways to Your Goal: Using More than One Surrogate"
This video shows you how you can maximize your chances of success by using 2 surrogates and the issues that arise from this scenario.

"Process for Gay Couples, Single Parents, or Couples Using an Egg Donor: The Complications"
This video explains the surrogacy journey for gay couples, single parents and heterosexual couples using an egg donor.

"Bringing Your Baby Home from India"
This video covers immigration matters and issues on how to bring your baby home after surrogacy in India.

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